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When those things happen, people can benefit from skilled psychological help, such as one of the forms of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Sometimes, though, the way we deal with those situations, thoughts, emotions and physical feelings begins to take over - begins to get in the way of living the kind of life we want to. That might take the form of emotional problems like anxiety, worry, panic, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger control difficulties. It might be a disruption to normal daily activities such as sleep problems, indecisiveness, lack of motivation or energy. And sometimes it’s a broader feeling of losing a sense of purpose or fulfilment in life.

And that’s normal.

Life brings many challenges, pressures and setbacks. Living life well in the face of this isn’t always easy; there will be times when we experience unwanted emotions, troubling thoughts, physical suffering. Sometimes we find ourselves acting in ways we wouldn’t choose.

Living with the Enemy:

Coping with the stress of chronic illness using CBT, Mindfulness and Acceptance

To Be Published 1st May 2013 by Routledge – 248 pages

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My name is Dr Ray Owen, and for over 20 years I’ve specialised in helping in these kind of situations. I use CBT, and particularly a recently developed form called Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Whether  you need some of this help yourself, you’re a counsellor or therapist wanting supervision in working this way, or you’re looking for training, advice or consultation on providing this kind of service or undertaking research in it, I may be able to help you.